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The history of the game in the circle

The Game in a Circle was first played in Africa. In the early eighties (1983) South African brothers Mark and John Collins invented a game that involved bouncing a ball off a round, centrally placed disc, in a circular court. 360ball was originally played by striking the ball with the hands. Like volleyball, players could use two shots in turn, but the novelty was that there were no sides to the court and players could rotate around the court as dictated by play. The game was a hit with their friends. They began to dream of making it a world sport.

Perpetually driven by the desire to create the perfect form of the game in a circle, diverse versions of the sport, rules, and equipment were experimented with. The rules evolved to keep pace with improving skills. Later padded discs were worn on the hands to prevent players from “scooping” and eventually these were replaced with rackets enabling greater reach and longer rallies. Different versions of the sport were developed, including the Court 360ball which won the award for the Best New Sport at the ISPO in Germany in 2011.

MID 1980S

Our Humble Beginnings

In a backyard in South Africa, the Collins brothers experimented with a ball game involving bouncing a ball off a circular disc. The game involved elements of volleyball allowing players on a team to pass to a teammate and the ball were struck with the hands. The big idea was that the playing area has no separate sides and players could rotate around the disc as dictated by play. The game was an instant hit with their friends and the game in a circle was born.

APRIL 2009

A court Version Evolves

In 2009 a 360ball game took place in a disused water reservoir. Players began playing off the wall. A separate set of rules developed and 36ball Court was born. The first league of 360ball Court started in KNysna in April 2010. Soon Courts are set in Spain & Germany. Knysna. 


A Brand New Sport

360ball became the first ball sport to be awarded the Brand New Overall Award at the prestigious ISPO BrandNew Awards in Munich, Germany. ISPO Brand New is described as the largest start-up competition in the sports business.

Winner ispo brand new award

360ball takes on the world.

The game has since been played on beaches, sports grounds and on courts across South Africa, Spain, France and Germany.

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