Orbit Disc

Enhances peripheral awareness

Improves social behaviour

fun & excercise at the same time

great for hand-eye coordination



360ball – ORBIT is smaller, lighter and easy to transport, designed for recreational use – however true to its origin it is the beach and back yard version of 360ball SPORT.

360ball is the only ball and racquet game played in a circle. Players use the racquets to strike a rubber ball so that it bounces of a centrally placed concave disc. There are no sides to the court and play pivots around the disc. The game combines elements of volleyball, table tennis, racket ball and squash. It can be played singles or doubles and can be played on any level surface including the beach, park, backyard or on indoor areas. The sporting equipment for 360ball is designed to fold into a portable contained unit housing 4 rackets, 4 balls and a set of rules. The game itself can be played at all levels by all ages and makes for great exercise, improving hand eye coordination and stimulating peripheral vision. 360ball is revolutionary, dynamic and addictive.



General Benefits of Playing 360ball

  • Excellent “cross-training” for other sports.
  • It is a fun social team activity where players of all ability levels enjoy sport together.
  • It provides a training scenario which is the most effective way to achieve heart health and fitness.
  • While “playing” 360ball a great cardio vascular workout can be achieved.
  • It fights the obesity crisis and offers a better fitness option for those not motivated to do workout at the gym.
  • You naturally improve your game because you are always moving and continuously being challenged.


360ball combines many qualities that make it a sport for Educational purposes.

  • 360ball means exercise and cardio training – which stimulates cognitive functioning.
  • The game requires full-body coordination and focused attention.
  • 360ball improves the Hand-Eye Coordination, which is critical for tasks such as handwriting.
  • Enhance the Lateral & Peripheral Awareness as playing area includes 360° of a circle which helps with the task of reading.
  • 360ball is a team sport and improves social behaviour and team spirit.




The game is novel in that there are no sides to the court and players rotate around the centrally placed disc as dictated by play. The game can be played by two (singles) or four players (doubles).

Players or teams must use two shots to play the ball before bouncing it off the disc. The use of two shots is obligatory. During play, it is common for players to rotate right around the court, dive to the ground and perform a wide range of athletic movements in an effort to outplay opponents.


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