360ball Orbit

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360ball® – ORBIT is smaller, lighter and easy to transport, designed for recreational use – however true to its origin it is the beach and back yard version of 360ball® SPORT.


4 Racquets and  8 balls combo in a bag.

Extra set of racquets and balls.

Ball Description: 360ball® 3 pack of balls.

New 360ball® Orbit disc.

Orbits comes with 4 racquets and 8 balls in it’s bag.

Racquets Description: Custom size aluminum racquet.

Steel court 8m court. Description: Easy to setup and dismantle ideal for events and smaller areas. A steel frame court with a net. Padded uprights.

Delivery February 2021

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360ball® is the only ball and racquet game played in a circle. Players use the racquets to strike a rubber ball so that it bounces of a centrally placed concave disc. There are no sides to the court and play pivots around the disc. The game combines elements of volleyball, table tennis, racket ball and squash. It can be played singles or doubles and can be played on any level surface including the beach, park back yard or on indoor halls. The apparatus for 360ball is designed to fold into a portable contained unit housing 4 rackets, 4 balls and a set of rules. The game itself can be played at all levels by all ages and makes for great exercise, improving hand eye coordination and stimulating peripheral vision. 360ball®, dynamic and addictive.